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Goldman Sachs and ShittyBank…

It is hard to argue with price. Forgetting all the stealing, cheating, lying and government loans (gifts), Goldman Sachs is up 150 percent since the crisis in 2008. Here are […]


What is Taking Social Finance so Long?

I wish I had all the answers because I have spent a lot of my 40’s working in this sector. I started Wallstrip (acquired by CBS), invested in AngelList (pretty […]


The Profit Bubble…Late is the New Early

We have been in a profit and cash flow bubble now since 2010. Free money, low wages, high margins, humongous conglomerates etc. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan took their time […]


An Open Letter to Twitter and Chris Sacca

I love Game of Thrones. Mostly because I can’t follow it no matter how hard I listen. The creators/producers/HBO can’t possibly please everyone. The stories get deeper (for Twitter it’s […]


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