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Some Perspectives on Panic…

I have seen my share of financial market panic since I started full time in the business in 1991. Obviously we have more data and information and real-time access to […]


Is Twitter The Next MySpace?

No. Events – mostly Sports and Finance will support a core business forever. But, it’s a subject us traders and investors are chatting about as we watch bids disappear and […]


RealVisionTV …Incredible Product and Offer

My friends and Stocktwits partners at RealVisionTV have another incredible offer. HERE IS THE LINK. Raoul Pal, the founder, wants to change things in the financial industry and not just […]


Something Has to Give !?

This graph/chart from the Economist really blew my mind and got me thinking: The hedge fund industry held $2.9 trillion of assets in June. Exchange-traded funds did better […]


Amazon – The Largest Company in the World by 2020

The same argument has taken place since Amazon went public…it’s overvalued. During that time, Amazon has continued to climb…not without some shocking bear market close call sickening declines. As of […]


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