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A New Markets Financial Channel

When I was making Wallstrip, I had hundreds of show ideas for a stock markets channel. Not one involved seeing quotes on your screen. There was:

Interviews with Hedge Funds Moms;

Throwing Blackberries off rooftops and goofing on AT&T – I actually did one…

The daily editing of CNBC to my liking a la John Stewart (one can dream);

A long running interview series called ‘The Web is a Fad’ with money managers short $AMZN $GOOG and $AAPL. I did do a fun series once called ‘The Web is Dead‘ where I got Brad Feld to admit he wants to be alerted by the internet evertime I poop.

Interviews with an important CEO’s and financial personalities that make them laugh first, show me what’s in their pockets, take off their shoes and than drill them with questions they don’t want to be asked.

Pedicures with Money Managers (I made just one with Lindsay and never got to Jim Altucher)

An ‘American Greed’ with a comedian doing the voice overs.

In the end, a GREAT markets channel would be much more like an Oprah Channel…light, fun, upbeat and Big Picture full of ideas you would not just ‘flip for a buck.’

It will happen.


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