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A selloff – it's about time AND Apple going for the jugular

I have been selling extended stocks and buying some fresh breakouts the last two weeks.

For long only guys, today is not good. Me included. But, what a run we have had. We need this. Let’s face it, it has been too easy.

Even with the gigantic selloff, not much damage – other than Google and BIDU. The big reversals though are worth noting.

Gold and Oil stocks are pretty flat.

Now for the important stuff – Apple rumors galore today!

First – The Beatles going exclusively with iTunes? Makes sense to me. They better before they are forgotten :)

Second – An Apple Tablet Coming Soon. Color me Viagra’d :) .


What a freight train coming from Apple.

  • eddie Daroza

    You finally convinced me to reown Apple. I had an order in to buy it at 50 last summer. It hit 50.50 than shot up. Today I bought at 90. You’d think I’d learn something from reading everyday. haha.

  • Stephanie H.

    so this is what you do with your time now? let’s play some golf soon.


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