About Howard

I was born in Toronto, lived in Phoenix for 20 years and now in Coronado, CA with the Mrs. (19 years, 16.2 Canadian years), two awesome kids and a dachshund (bagel).

Schools I attended and even graduated from include – University of Western Ontario, Arizona State University, American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird).

My current start-up is called Stocktwits and I am a co-founder and now Chairman after 5 years as CEO.

I also manage a hedge fund and have done so since June of 1998.

I make early stage investments though Social Leverage.

In the Summer of 2006, I created Wallstrip and with the help of Adam Elend, Jeff Marks, Lindsay Campbell and a hard working crew we created over 300 shows. In May 2007, Wallstrip was purchased by CBS.

I am a partner in two other funds called Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners .

I moved out west to play golf, but now rarely do. My hobbies include driving my kids around and staying awake.

I am in pursuit of the perfect sleep solution.

Endless bad ideas – trust me!

Some Deeper Insights into my background include:

This is one of my FAVORITE interviews – thanks Michael Covel – On the subject of Investing and Trend Following.

In March 2014, I sat down with Sarah Lacy for a Pando Monthly which covers just about my whole Investing career.

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