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Adding EMC…Here's Why

What a poster boy tech stock for the bubble.

I could care less at this point. EMC is solidly back as a tech leader and like Cisco, Juniper, Verisign (others I have bought and blogged) and I am blocking out prices from late 1998 to mid 2000 and EMC to me is solidly at all-time highs.

They are spreading their wings, paying up mind you, but I like it. Here is their latest acquisition .

Data storage, manipulation and retrieval is a huge long-term trend that the Nasdaq Bubble fu#%#%ed up with stock prices.

EMC looks back and poised to go much higher.

Disclosure – Long EMC

  • Eric

    Mozy is a great acquisition by EMC. Data storage is getting huge and Mozy has made it idiot proof.

  • cheesefries

    Good move Howard!


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