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Apple up 2 more points today, Microsoft is still sucking their kneecaps and the iPhone is still a big possibilty (for 2007)!

I am indifferent to Apple entering the phone market and hoped that they would not screw up a perfect Christmas season for IMacs and MacBooks with a phone.

They made no mention of the phone at their recent lovefest and everybody is happy.

More importantly, they have bought themselves 4 months to get a phone ready for 2007 and another great year.

With the market acting well, Apple skeptics galore, retail stores opening fast and christmas in the bag – Apple management can be proactive and not reactive.

According to Think Secret – the iPhone is coming with GSM friendly Cingular as an exclusive partner . Tristan Louis goes deeper with the story here .

Stop hating apple – it is not too late.

  • andy

    I just switched to an apple computer last week. Wow. Fast and doesn’t crash. Small businesses will lead the corporate switch if its going to happen. It is a stock you just don’t short. Same with rimm. By the way, I’m posting this comment using my blackberry on the beach. Are you seriously ready to bet against that kind of traction??


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