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Are Apple's iTunes Sales Collapsing?

According to this post in The Registry, Forrester Research says YES.

Based on my iTunes spending habits, they collapsed 12 months ago, but the stock has doubled.

Maybe piracy is just too big in the end, maybe DRM won’t matter either way, maybe iTunes sales are collapsing.

My gut says, either way the big money knows (knew) this today and yesterday. It is old news and nothing to base a hasty buy/sell Apple decision.

The iPod sales themselves are still growing fast and that’s where Apple makes their money. There are so many other ways to monetize this installed base that I imagine, the hardware metric is more important than iTune sales.

If I am wrong and The Registry has a scoop based on Forrester’s research that implies problems for the whole Apple growth story, the shorts will have their day in the sun. I would be a buyer though on that day in their sun.

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  • Andy

    Howard, I love Apple products as much as the next guy…but the love-affair of the Street and bloggers with Apple is nauseating to say the least.

    I’ll wager you a round of golf and a steak dinner (sushi in your case?) that MSFT stock outperforms AAPL in 2007. Deal?

  • BDG123

    AAPL is on my top 5 most liquid shorts. I’m going to love taking candy from babies.

  • eddie Daroza

    Andy, I’ll take you up: but how about a bottle of Jack Daniels and tickets to the stones? Want my address? :)

  • candice

    (it’s The Register. Effectively a british tech tabloid. Entertaining, though.)

  • Andy Swan

    Make it a bottle of Maker’s Mark and you’re on. Stones….OK but only if we have highlights on RAD REPORT.

  • eddie Daroza

    it’s a deal! haha… no just kidding, the last thing I can afford to do is place bets on how my stocks will perform. But come out to CA and I’ll by you a bottle of makers mark. :)

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  • Anonymous

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  • asansorkiralama

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