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BlogTalkRadio has a New Look and Feel

My friend Amy who runs Marketing and PR over at BlogTalkRadio (BTR) says it was like giving birth to an automobile. She has a kid, so god bless her and I hope it was a mini Scion :) .

BTR is live, social talk radio . Here is the new site . Lot’s of new community features for the hosts and their fans:

* Live chat
* Improved search tools
* Save favorites
* Rate shows
* Listener profiles
* New buttons and media player
* Friend lists
* Comments
* Private messages
* Profile page video or HTML
* Advertising programs

One of the changes you’ll notice is the addition of listener profiles. Listener and hosts can now customize their profile pages, add friends and favorite shows, rate shows and private message or chat with hosts. We’ve given all users the ability to use their profile page to make blog posts about their show and receive comments. The new switchboard makes life easier too, combining caller & show information along with uploaded sound files.

The nerds like it . He does an interview which may be 4 hours, so you may like Wallstrip’s better:

Disclosure – I am an investor in BlogTalkRadio

  • Robert Scoble

    Ha! My interview is only 27 minutes long. I bet even you might learn something! :-)

  • Amy Domestico

    It was a Hummer and it had snow tires on it :/

    But let me tell you, like all babies… forget the pain right away, and this baby is incredible, Alan and Bob should be very proud!!

    Do I see its your birthday?

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    BlogTalkRadio loves its Howard Lindzon!

    Just watched Scoble’s interview with Alan….awesome job.

  • http://BTR John Sweet

    Great Write! A hummer? ooh man….good stuff!

  • Lloyd Budd

    Is there a direct link to the Wallstrip video?

  • Lloyd Budd

    I meant a link to the video on their site.

  • Lloyd Budd

    Found it I thought it was done about the same time as Scoble’s hence my confusion. Thanks!

  • Ryyley

    Humm a hummer with show tirez aye? were they studded or chain?


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