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Category - China

China…Case Study…SUPPLY

Share on StockTwits Embed At the beginning of last year, China looked like a top. When it broke, The Chairman and I were all over it. It proceeded to more […]


Today's Asia Bloodbath was a Given…

Share on StockTwits Embed It’s a mess in Asia tonight . China continues to boom in a ridiculous fashion. Check these numbers out . If they revalue, they won’t yet, […]


Comparing China, Housing and Nasdaq Bubbles

Share on StockTwits Embed Awesome chart here comparing all the big past bubbles and a frame of reference for where China is possibly in their bubble cycle. Seeing that they […]

Read ( CTRP) on Wallstrip

Share on StockTwits Embed is a good example of a trending stock that caused ovenight pain. In 2005, you were riding along comfortably in CTRP and boom, the next […]


Today's Lesson: How to Call a Top!

Share on StockTwits Embed It’s easy. Just keep calling for it. I have said China was topping at least twice including yesterday. Josh Kopelman has an excellent post written for […]


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