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Category - CNBC

Lindsay on CNBC?

Share on StockTwits Embed Lot’s of Dealbreaker readers think so . I am hoping Lindsay would rather be poked repeatedly in the eye than have that job. Funny as hell […]


Now THIS was a Bad Day

Share on StockTwits Embed Cheer up people. Can you just imagine what Cramer would be doing on air on a day like that :) .



Share on StockTwits Embed What a complete bunch of turds at CNBC. Thank goodness really. Here is their first recent disaster – their rigged and poorly thoght through stocks market […]


CNBC Gambleathon

Share on StockTwits Embed Seems fitting that after a 700 plus point Dow decline that CNBC would launch their “Win $1 million portfolio” contest. The contest is ‘perfect’ because it […]


Squawk Box if CNBC had BALLS!

Share on StockTwits Embed If CNBC had any clue – they don’t – they would hire FLY to run Squawk Box. Bob Pisani would mysteriously disappear and Mark Haines would […]


Hate mail from the team at Fast Money?

Share on StockTwits Embed Here is the Wallstrip clip of Lindsay’s chance encounter with Dylan Ratigan of CNBC’s post Cramer show Fast Money. It’s a hysterical and cool ‘street’ moment. […]


Laugh Out Loud CNBC Rip

Share on StockTwits Embed So I am surfing my blogroll and I stop in at THE FLY and get this gem that makes me bust out laughing: After I win […]


CNBC – A new year but the same crap

Share on StockTwits Embed I must fade the ridiculous RECORD CLOSE “BUG” on CNBC and just bought some SMH, SPY and FDX in the money Feb puts. Premiums are really […]


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