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Category - Stock Market

The Bears Overstay Their Welcome…As Usual

Share on StockTwits Embed The shorts are such amateurs. They are too smart for their own good. While they brag at ‘cocktail parties’, their profits disappear. Sure – we throw […]


How is The Dow at 13,000?

Share on StockTwits Embed Better yet, how about the S&P so close to all-time highs. Obviously a cheap dollar and an export boom, but wow anyways. Take a look at […]


Trade Wars?

Share on StockTwits Embed So the Canadian dollar has shot WAYYYY past par this week to $1.03 plus cents. It has careened out of control now that it has entered […]


Financial Services on the Web

Share on StockTwits Embed This is obviously a giant market. The big banks are in the game, Schwab, E-trade, Quicken, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, The, even Wallstrip :) . […]


September Swoon?

Share on StockTwits Embed This market rally sure feels thin. If I were a gambling man, I would say September should be a mess. I don’t gamble and I try […]


It's High Noon for Bernanke

Share on StockTwits Embed I guess all market eyes will be on Bernanke tomorrow. Phil says he’s between a rock and a hard place . I think maybe he will […]


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