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Category - Video

Video's Impending Tsunami in Education

Share on StockTwits Embed I have a few investments in the web video space. Specifically, Tubemogul and Edufire . I am off to Tubemogul’s Board Meeting today and am always […]


VSocial…It's About the 'White Label'

Share on StockTwits Embed Creating and helping continue to make Wallstrip, I have been ground floor in the beginning of the video on the web revolution. It really is changing […]


Hysterical Internet Bubble Viral Video

Share on StockTwits Embed Thanks Barry … We have been working on a video to the same tune about stock tickers at Wallstrip…sometimes you just get beaten to the punch. […]


Tech Crunch…yet another New Low

Share on StockTwits Embed This is classic . Some Stanford Punk outing the gaming of YouTube to get 100,000 views. It’s just another stupid post on TechCrunch that serves one […]


Good Stuff From NextNewNetworks

Share on StockTwits Embed I have become friends with many of the people at NextNewnetworks and it’s fun to watch them push so hard in the video space. I know […]


The perfect YouTube show

Share on StockTwits Embed “Will it Blend?” is THE perfect content for YouTube. This show is one on GolfBalls. Forget the show – this blender is awesome!!!! Mine wont make […]


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