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Category - YouTube

Video's Impending Tsunami in Education

Share on StockTwits Embed I have a few investments in the web video space. Specifically, Tubemogul and Edufire . I am off to Tubemogul’s Board Meeting today and am always […]


YouTube as GOD?

Share on StockTwits Embed So today YouTube is saying that everysite should be a YouTube. It is a smart, obvious chain of events in their pursuit of video dominance. The […]


Checking in on Viacom's You Tube Killer

Share on StockTwits Embed Not really, but Henry did . His points are right on. Unfortunately, a better idea would be to settle the YouTube lawsuit, cut a deal with […]


Why YouTube was Cheap…

Share on StockTwits Embed Still so much YouTube hate on Wall Street and main street. Wrong as crowds on stocks usually are . Follow the MONEY flow, not the crowds. […]


YouTube Video Awards

Share on StockTwits Embed Pete Cashmore has the story . Right now there are the Vloggies, which is pretty much controlled by Podtech (The video Tech PR firm), hence the […]


Al Jazeera SPOOF

Share on StockTwits Embed Hysterical…and of course ‘Death to America’ and ‘Shortsellers’


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