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Death, Taxes and Creative Destruction…Inevitable!

I linked on Twitter to John Borthwick’s great pice on Creative Destruction, but now I am blogging it .

Take the time and read it all. One thing that stands out in my head after reading the article is the acceleration of creative destruction as the web matures.

The banks imploded themselves and now I am excited to be a part of the next generation of finance, the web and banking, but creative destruction is all around us.

Retail is being destroyed both from Amazon and just the sheer mass of products that make retail that much harder to merchandise and manage.

Is Twitter any better than Skype, IRC, AIM or any other method of what Fred Wilson call’s the inevitability of STATUS .

‘Too Small to Fail’ has a tremendous advantage in the post nuclear ‘Too Big to Fail’ mythbusting era. Creative Destruction is gathering steam and will accelerate as Americans use cheap technology and their will to build once again.

I am long Google right now having flipped from being short last week (I have tweeted the trades). I do think Google will have major problems in the $400 area and will be selling my stock in the AM (not because of the article).


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