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Experience Stores I Want to See…

I can’t understand how slow companies have been to adapt to Apple’s ( $AAPL ) continued domination of retail.

Yes Nike ( $NKE ) has great retail, but not exactly places I can access easily and that’s a brand I could associate with all day with my lifestyle. Starbucks is ok and Whole Foods is doing it because that’s their job, so they don’t count and I don’t want to hang out with those brands. No offense.

I have written about this before but here are the brands that need to embrace experience and turn the virtual world into the physical world

1. Google – Simple Genius Bars that just embrace local merchants to spend all their spare time in.

2. Facebook – Why they have not purchased Meetups and taken Facebook to the physical world is to me lazy thinking.

3. Kayak – If they don’t have the nuts to do it themseles than get with Google and take space in their stores.

4. Intuit – Their should be Mint Stores in thousands of towns and cities across the united states. Banking is the last thing on people’s minds…personal finance and small and medium sized businesses need a fresh, comfortable and contemporary learning experience.

Who else could dominate…Please chime in…


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