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Garmin and Navteq on Wallstrip

These two beauties are no strangers to my blog. I love both companies, but you CAN’T and SHOULD NOT chase. Today on Wallstrip, we take a look at Garmin and Navteq.

A few things I noticed from today’s show:

1. Nobody really owns GPS units and few people have heard of Garmin or Navteq.

2. Everyone will…soon

3. Lindsay looks great in Lycra

The fact that Garmin has grown to a $20 billion market cap will mean that the big boys will come to share at the trough. Garmin’s stakes have risen. A slip up will be costly. Navteq is in a better situation as many companies must be eying them.

It’s product’s like the Garmin Forerunner that Lindsay is wearing in the show, that give Garmin the early lead. Bijan had a great review of the product last month .

The end game will be decided by FASHION over technology so look for Apple to be a major player in the space before all is said and done.

Here are the Google Finance start pages for both Garmin and Navteq .

Finally, Brian takes a look at the technical picture:

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