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Gluten, China and Fuel Cells…Momentum Monday

Here is Yesterday’s ‘momentum monday’. Ivan and I discuss the last 15 years of $PLUG – not a new name in the world of traders. We also dive into China and it’s relative performance against the US Markets and how that may play out in the near future. We talk about our favorite robotic stocks for the machine theme that is underway and finally I dig into the Gluten trend and $BDBD (interesting supply and demand scenario). Before you dive in to the show, I also point out below the video embed, some interesting facts about $PLUG and the Stocktwits community and data:


Here is what $PLUG has looked like on our ‘signals’ page the last few weeks since crossing $5:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 7.42.09 AM

The stock has dominated discussion and it has been bullish. The discussion started with the stock under $1, but stocks can’t hit our trending bar until they reach $5. Last month, I gave a ‘standing ovation’ to Michael Bigger when the stock crossed just $3, up from hi buy and research in the 40 cent range . Yesterday, the stock hit $11.

I don’t know if this momentum continues, but at Marketwatch (Dow Jones), just yesterday they reported that $PLUG was their most active ticker page by an order of magnitude.

I continue to believe, that Stocktwits can be used as an early warning system to isolate big momentum moves. You must spend some time using our ‘signals’ tab and monitoring the ‘trending’ tab, but the free tools and real time community measurement is second to none.

  • nhr215

    Sounds like the a heatmap is a great contrarian indicator based on PLUG’s performance today. As they say, easy come easy go…

    • howardlindzon

      the heatmap is just an indicator, worked until it didnt. if you invest off one data point you wont last long as an investor

      • nhr215

        Oh I agree. But aren’t you promoting just that with your “the heat map is psychic” post. Plus it looks shockingly similar to the forex infomeercials pitched to grandma “green is good, red is sell” ahahahah. Sadly, Stocktwits has the same audience. Don’t get me wrong, I follow some serious traders on there. A handful. But 95% of the comments I see are from people who obviously won’t be there in a few months once they’ve lost everything to the markets…

        • howardlindzon

          whats your handle so I can follow your genius?


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