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Googled..Why It’s Time to be Careful…and Is The ‘TOP’ Now In

I am completely Googled out.

The world seems over Apple’d…and burrito’d. The Four Horsemen of the Internet are showing signs of strain and maybe investor fatigue.

I am on full alert for my portfolio. Things got ugly fast the last few weeks. It’s not like there were not warnings. Lot’s of high momentum names like Chipotle’s ($CMG) and Priceline ($PCLN) have been brokenn for months.

I don’t get nervous overnight. It’s been a process. I have been writing about a ‘Market Top‘ for months. Individual setups and strength have kept me invested despite my concerns. Market prices are now forcing me into protection mode.

Some excellent market technicians on Stocktwits have been showing the patterns we need to be wary of including our own Ivanhoff with Stocktwits50 (last week’s was right on), Joe Fahmy discussing the distribution, and the fantastic and consistent work pof JackDamn (this latest link a doozy to digest).

I am most nervous about my recent media appearances. I dread talking individual stocks on TV because of the poor context and lack of follow-up they provide but I broke my rules and did so on CNBC and Yahoo re $GOOG.

Here is how silly I look in an Octabox…

Here I am on Yahoo Finance:

I bought some more Google in the high 670′s and some Apple in the 620′s. This morning it feels like I should be short them.

As Jeff Bezo’s sums up perfectly…the best investors change their mind.


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