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If Jason Calacanis is a Somebody I would Rather be a Nobody

So the midget dork with a bad haircut had this to say about me in my blog comments last week:

Calacanis insight: Lidzon is such a nobody, who has done so little in the internet space, that his only shot at getting any kind of attention is to write really weak link-bait.

I guess being a somebody on the web must be awesome. You get to decide who is a nobody. Consider me schooled and in awe of his greatness.

For those unaware of Jason’s somebodyness, he founded Google killer Mahalo… as in Google is dying laughing.

Mahalo as you know is Hawaiian for LinkBait so it’s funny that a guy who is wasting Sequoia money on a bad link baiting business would call me a link baiter…that is until this post.

CalacANUS (ANUS because every time his mouth open SHIT comes out) also believes that he schooled me from this Twitter post of his to his disciples from his ‘compound’:

My beat down of Howard “the loser” Lindzon over his absurd statements about digg being a waste of a company

I immediately called my mom, who agreed with Jason…this was a beatdown that I can’t come back from. She even subscribed to his blog.

It’s over. I quit.


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