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It's BETTER to be an Optimist

Why people hate and get negative is beyond me. You don’t get rich – if you are good you make some bucks occasionally – and you rot inside from the stress of swimming against the tide. Even the communists are optimists for now.

I am really feeling the hate on this blog lately. Nasty stuff in my inbox.

It hurts for a second than I remember that the hate never comes with a real email or linkable name, just some freebie blog voyeur with nothing to add to a conversation.

Same thing for the market. It’s fun speculating about shorting stocks and catching a round tripper but you will blow your brains out catching one.

Just now I am reading about Benchmark raising a 6th or 7th VC fund of $500 million . My first reaction…the old smart me…BUBBLE.

The right reaction though if you want to make real money…’TO THE OPTIMISTS GO THE SPOILS’!

  • Crawford


    (Meant to be neither religious nor political — just optimistic — of course.)


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