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Microsoft Earnings Breaks an Hour Before the Bell on StockTwits… YAWN

$MSFT reported earnings and the numbers were posted on their website more than an hour before the scheduled release time.

The news broke on the Selerity Live Earnings Stream on StockTwits immediately after the snafu release and soon after that it was all over the free StockTwits Streams.

This, of course, is part of the insane power of StockTwits, and while Selerity’s and StockTwits’ awesomeness was widely reported in the media, it was no surprise to me or our members.

The only reason this was considered news was because it was $MSFT flubbing a release.  Everyday, actionable news breaks on StockTwits that does not garner wider press attention, whether it is unusual and telling options activity, product problems, takeovers, military skirmishes halfway around the world or whatever.

This is the power of a tightly knit community of market junkies with an ethos of sharing their best ideas and information knowing they will get it back and more from others.

Indeed, a plane lands on the Hudson everyday on StockTwits. :)

The Live Earnings Selerity Stream, by the way, happens to be a revolutionary product offering for those who want actionable financial news at break neck speed.

It is just launched and brings high speed processed information to your attention in a way that has only been offered in the past to those who can afford to pay up big time. It levels the field.

Dominic over at IRWebReport has more on Selerity, StockTwits and the story.

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