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Momentum Monday…Pruning Amazon and Still Bullish

I explain why I decided to close a long-term position of mine in Amazon ($AMZN). Opportunity cost matters, especially in a bull market.

Ivan and I take a look at a few StockTwits 50 setups and the underlying catalysts behind them: $MOVE, $TW

I have had a nasty cold and no rest for weeks so excuse my voice.


  • Nicoles Lapin

    Ivan, ask for a raise already. I only watch Momentum Mondays because of you.

    • howardlindzon

      he is single…just ask him out.

  • brewer595

     I like the nicer Howard. It was an enjoyable video to watch.

  • jonathan hegranes

    $AMZN — good example that a great company doesn’t equal a great stock… 

  • Martinh1

    Great show! Thanks for sharing.


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