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Momentum Monday – There is NO Fiscal Cliff in Mexico…Just Cliff Diving, and How to invest in Startups with Marc Andreesen

The top 4 financial news stories we are bored to death with :

1. Fiscal Cliff

2. Is it ‘Boner or ‘Bayner’ (Boehner)

3. Twitter is at war with Instagram (this war will just lead to layoffs, not actual deathy fyi…)

4. Apple selloff

While YOU worry and read old media, Mexico ($EWW) breaks to all-time highs. Mexico, the land of drug wars, murder, corruption and Speedy Gonzalez. Ivan and I break out some of the components of the index.

While our taxes and the fiscal cliff sneak higher and closer, chemical stocks and biotechs like $AMGN continue to rock higher.

While everyone talks about the direction of the next 50 points in Apple, new leaders are showing up on the StockTwits 50 and the 52-week high list.

While most continue to look at Nike ($NKE) as just another shoe company that every has heard off, they continue to innovate and partner, now in a field that is poised to capture the imagination of the investment world for the next 10-15 years.

While you learn to tweet, the internet of things takes shape. The biggest ‘THING’ is of course your own body!

While the SEC figures out how to slow the economy down, you can invest alongside Marc Andreesen for as little as $1,000. Forget whether this is ‘a sign of a bubble’ …not the point. While the average penny stock speculator gambles on tickers with impossible to decipher financials and cap tables, you can be part of a revolution of a marketplace that will work 10 times better than the past one.



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