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Momentum Monday – We are Back…SANDY, Apple, Generators and more Trends…

Momentum Monday is back by popular demand after too long a hiatus.

Markets feel heavy after the leading tech stocks $GOOG, $AAPL, $AMZN, $IBM disappointed (at least the price drops signal a mood change) this earnings season, but there are other emerging trends that are capturing our attention. The market is an opportunity machine and we have the tools and community now to spot ideas at the right time. Ivan and I dig into The Stocktwits 50 like old times.

Hurricane Sandy left a lot of damage behind it and I believe it is yet to leave its long-term footprint on the market. We are already seeing some movement in power generators, infrastructure, construction and material stocks.


  • Jelly Andrews

    I guess power generators were really a big help when Hurricane Sandy struck. I have seen in the news how much it damaged the power sources. And it was really a terrible


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