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Motorola Q – they were Microsofted!

This post is dedicated to Trader Mike who loves his lame TREO. Enjoy!
:) :) :) :)


The Motorola Q is perfect – almost.

Problem is that the almost – Microsoft – makes the Q – so close to perfection – DOG CRAP.

Don’t believe me – check EBAY out tomorrow and bid on my Q phone that I bought 3 days ago.

It is a sweeeeeet piece of hardware, thin, light, stylish.

So how could it eat battery like a 400 pound carb starved rescued castaway. How could it crash more than a 16 year old driving after three Peppermint Schnappes.

One word Microsoft. Need more proof – check out the my post on Big Big Big cap breakouts. Microsoft is not close to joining the ranks. It will take a miracle.


Thing is – I can go to Verizon store in a few weeks and get the newest Blackberry 8800. Microsoft has no such luxury. They will just keep bullying around hardware people screwing up product launches and pissing off their customers one by one.

Apple has the new “Leopard” OS, sleek, elegant, fast

Microsoft has the “Leper” OS – from the moment it is installed and powered, shit starts rotting and falling off!

PS – Note to self – I know better !

PSS – Sorry for all those getting emails from me in triplicate – My Motorola has Lepresy :) . She will be put to rest at Temple Solel next week if no suckers (buyers) emerge on Ebay.

  • Michael

    I tried to tell you man.

    I’m actually about to get a new phone & I’m debating between a Treo 700p (never a 700w with Windoze!) and the very sweet Nokia E61 or E62, which Cingular is launching on the 29th.

  • Howard Lindzon

    But did you laugh at the post more importantly :)

  • andy

    You know better is right. I cited you as an evangelist for crackberry and you turn your back on them. I still have your old one untouched. Come back to the light.

    Posted using MY blackberry


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