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The Euro and RoboAdvisor…a Love Story

OMG… The Euro Jesus H Christ…The Ruble For F@$^#&k sake…How can interest rates be negative? From 10,000 feet, all these trends seem obvious. At ground level, where people live and […]


The State of The Markets…2015

Things have for sure gotten tougher in the markets despite the free money, low interest rate environment. The 10 year yield in the USA is below 1.80 percent. You can […]


The Passive Investing Bubble

We are in a passive investing bubble. I am not sure how it ends, who and what the pricks are and how bad it really is, but you should NOT […]


The All-Time Low List – Look Away

Yesterday I wrote about the power of the all time high list. For some reason more traders and investors are drawn to the all-time or yearly low lists. Most investors […]


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