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The Flight to Crazy?

The flight to crazy could be reaching warp speeds. What’s interesting about crazy when it comes to stock markets, is stocks have always climbed climb a ‘Wall of Worry’ not […]


The Joe DiMaggio Stock Market…

It’s time to put this boon in some more context. I really like the way Charlie has framed it: The DiMaggio hit streak of markets was broken this week, 385 […]


American Investors are Too Diversified!

This boom is really hard. Not because of lack of opportunity, but because it’s just everywhere I look. A few weeks back I sat with the legend Tom Keene as […]


State of Markets – Sold in May…But Why?

Ivan and I have been running the SocialLeverage50 now (formerly Stocktwits50)) for over three years. Until February of this year, life was grand, returns great and win rates were high. […]


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