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Today is a BETTER day to Panic

Last week, the markets were going to zero thanks to Ebola and Netflix. Nike was the new Fila and Apple was the next Blackberry. The $VIX spiked to 28 and […]


Ebola Won…But I am Buying

The US markets are now all down on the year…which I sum up below in a $cashtag: Goldman Sachs stock now negative on the year which means as usual…record bonuses… […]


Estate Assist – Get It Now.

Today one of our investments went live with their site and I am really excited for the team. I had a chance to back Woody Levin, the founder, a few […]


Nike – Just Doing It!

Nike exploded to the upside Friday. Here is an amazing chart the Stocktwits team put together: THE $NKE NEW ALL-TIME HIGH. HERE'S A ROUGH HISTORY — StockTwits (@StockTwits) Sep. […]


Robinhood…The Future of Mobile Brokerage

Today Robinhood announced a $13 million round of capital. Here is some of the big coverage and details. Robinhood had their own blog post. CNN covered the funding with this […]


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