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Something Has to Give !?

This graph/chart from the Economist really blew my mind and got me thinking: The hedge fund industry held $2.9 trillion of assets in June. Exchange-traded funds did better […]


Amazon – The Largest Company in the World by 2020

The same argument has taken place since Amazon went public…it’s overvalued. During that time, Amazon has continued to climb…not without some shocking bear market close call sickening declines. As of […]


The Power of The Tweet …The Movie…

I have been working on the script….who should play me? Let’s make this movie happen….. He never obeyed the flight attendants when they said turn off your phone. He kept […]


The China Panic….

It’s a full blown panic in China. The media thinks it was inevitable because China was in a stock bubble. The problem is China was not a stock bubble. People […]


The Bombay Bubble? …Where the Hell is Bombay

From where I sit and watch, ‘business’ television and Finance Twitter are endlessly chattering about: 1. The China stock bubble and now crash 2. The Tech Bubble and Private Company […]


Goldman Sachs and ShittyBank…

It is hard to argue with price. Forgetting all the stealing, cheating, lying and government loans (gifts), Goldman Sachs is up 150 percent since the crisis in 2008. Here are […]


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