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Stocktwits and Earnings Season…A Match Made in Heaven…And Stocktwits as The ‘Rap Genius’ of Markets and Stocks


Yesterday, Alcoa reported after the bell which marked the official beginning of earnings season.  In addition to $AA, 10 other companies reported including $MON and $LNN.

The pace picks up over the next couple weeks with 25 reporting per day by the middle of next week and 90+ reporting per day midweek the week after.

Its nirvana for stock junkies on StockTwits with information, analysis, links, charts and trades getting shared and organized at light speed and in real time.

The whole process is more overwhelming than usual for casual observers. The streams thicken with conversation and the tone of the stream is a little more serious.

The other day, a long time Silicon Valley and Hollywood investor – Robin Bechtel – pinged me that she loved Stocktwits. She told me that Stocktwits needed a ‘Rap Genius‘ or ‘Rosetta Stone’ for all the lingo and the stream. The best way to learn is to pop open a few streams around tickers and just digest them for a few months. The language can be learned. When I explained the analogy to my son Max, a Rap Genius Fan, he understood what we do better than ever.

Here’s some earnings season tips for StockTwits members.

1. StockTwits Trending Tickers – At the top of StockTwits pages you will find a black bar labeled TRENDING.

StockTwits Trending Tickers serve up the stocks that that our members are talking about in real time. They have an uncanny ability to surface what’s happening in the market Now and you will always get alerted to big earnings related stories fast.

2. Stream Filters – Above each Ticker Stream we have filters which allow you to toggle between All, Top, Links and Charts.

linksLinks: The Links filter allows you to see only links that have been shared on a given ticker. So if you are looking for news and commentary on a specific ticker, click this filter and your will get just that.

All: The All Filter gives you every message tagged with the given ticker. This one is great just after earnings when opinions are flying fast and furious

Top: The Top Filter shows messages for only those who are viewed as most engaging by the StockTwits community.

Charts: The Charts Filter shows only charts posted by StockTwits members. This includes an amazing array of talent and approaches.

3. Breaking News – For breaking earnings news follow @StockTwits@Street_Insider and @Benzinga.

4. WatchLists – You can create and edit multiple Watchlists on StockTwits which will allow you follow a group of stocks you are most interested in.

HERE is a guide to creating watchlists on StockTwits.

5. Industry Streams - You can find Industry streams by going to a ticker page of a company in the industry and clicking on the industry tab just next to the company name at the top of the page. This will give you a single stream with all messages tagged with stocks in that industry. This is great for days when multiple companies from one industry are reporting.

6. Earnings Call Links – For links to Earnings Calls, follow @earningscast.




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