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StockTwits Browser Extensions Make It Easy to Message From Anywhere on the Web

It has always been easy to post all your financial messages, links, thoughts, ideas to Stocktwits. Stocktwits is not just a great publishing and journalling platform (the best traders all say they keep a journal), we are a fantastic broadcasting platform helping your market and financial messages be seen at all the large financial sites and portals including Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, Bloomberg, The Globe and Mail and Reuters. And yes of course you can push these messages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here is a refresher…

StockTwits Chrome and Firefox Browser extensions make it incredibly easy for you to message out links directly from any web page.

Simply click the StockTwits button and a StockTwits message entry window appears with the title and link already entered. Just add a cashtagged ticker (ex. $FB) and click share.


Using these extensions, StockTwits members can quickly send links to StockTwits and other social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as to StockTwits content distribution partners such as Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, Reuters, MSN Money and multiple other outlets all with one click.

Simple, convenient and awesome.

Load the StockTwits Chrome Extension HERE

Load the Firefox Add -On HERE

Pro Tip: You can also use the extensions to enter messages without links by clicking the button and deleting the title and link which appear in the message box. This way, no matter where you are on the web, when the smart market focused idea pops in your mind, you can get it out there quickly without leaving the page you are on. 


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