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The Facebook Over Reach and Why One Social Network Won’t Rule the Web

I don’t care much for Facebook or it’s ‘attempts’ at global domination. Historically, this shit happens.

I do care that it does not own the web.

I think Facebook’s valuation is creating massive stress in the system right now. There is a lot to live up to and most early insiders have long cashed out enough of their chips and will peck at Facebook for years to come.

There is a meme starting tonight that Facebook is killing one’s authenticity. I say, what took the young guns so long to see this. I have long argued that Twitter is our ID and Facebook is our EGO.

You can’t fake it on Twitter. Charlie Sheen has gone completely psycho and he can’t cover that up on Twitter. Howard Stern can’t help but be funny and original on Twitter. I would argue that every mutual fund and hedge fund manager should have to be on Stocktwits, but it’s a pipe dream and the exact opposite of what FINRA and the SEC would ever allow.

Steve nails it here though in my opinion:

There’s a pretty straightforward reason why FB is valued at an astonishing $75 billion, and it’s all about them forming a reciprocal feedback loop between and other sites so that you can be targeted. But for such a massively social company, Facebook’s insistence that you have one identity across the web is both short-sighted and asinine, and people I talk to are starting to realize this.

Fact is, one social network will not rule the web… People are simply way too social to allow that.

The verticalized social graphs are more important than ever…hopefully the financing to make more of them start and evolve will not dry up anytime soon.


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