The ‘Glance’ Economy …Metawatch and Stocktwits

I am a big believer in the ‘Glance’ economy. I am not sure how digital watches will play out, but I am all for getting data all over my body!

I have been an avid watch collector for the last 20 years, but buying expensive watches is boring. I like the concept of fashion and utility for 2014 more than just fashion and expensive.

Today, my friends at ‘Metawatch’ launched their new watches and it includes Stocktwits trending API. Take a look:


I have asked Bill to create a special offer for everyone who knows me – Use promocode StockTwits2013 and get a 15 percent discount

Here is the full press release on the Stocktwits/Metawatch launch.

‘Fashology’ is coming to the watch industry. Bill Geiser, the founder of ‘Metawatch’ was a long time product executive at Fossil – $FOSL knows a few things about watches. Bill will be talking about the future of this industry at Stocktoberfest.

  • rosswhiting

    There is no discount code on the website. :( Kool watch. Ross

  • Chris Rechtsteiner

    From short attention span theatre to glance attention span theatre. The smallest and fastest possible method of information delivery shall win, apparently.

  • William Mougayar

    Very cool. Can you stream headlines into it, like from techmeme, bloomberg, ST or whatever.


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