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The Pressure of This Boom – Part 2 – Asshat Aftermath

I have been part of creating so much content since I started blogging in 2005, that I actually forget some of the really fun moments.

In 2008 when we started Stocktwits, the market was melting away and my friend The Fly was calling out the ‘asshats’ for us on the stream. We agreed that Bill Miller of Legg Mason $LM was in terrific company but indeed the ‘asshat’ of the year. Hard work with so much competition.

Today, old Bill Miller was on the tape today ‘pumping’ Groupon. I didn’t know the ‘asshat’ was still working, but in the financial world, nobody dies.

When this boom ends, we will be goofing on a new group of asshats, but until than, enjoy this one from the archive:


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