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Tim Cook…Notes I Would Like to Hear at Goldman Conference

There is just NO good reason Tim Cook should be speaking at a Goldman Conference.

Goldman employees use Blackberries, not for any great reason.

They hide their iPhones and iPads at home. The great Goldman Sachs firewall is not his friend.

Tim knows this because Steve Jobs used to send him to this conference. Now Tim is the boss and does not need to be there. I think it would send a reasonable statement of leadership style that Steve Jobs himself would understand.

The hedgies in attendance…have not been Apple’s friend. They did not make Apple great. En masse, they just panicked and chased the stock at $500 per share. Now they want some cash back. Waaa…

I cringe when Wall Street gets catered too in the era of ‘Social Leverage’. No long lasting bump comes from this conference for $AAPL (I do hope I am wrong).

I would argue that Tim would be better off asking Goldman questions…’What was your indictment per employee growth since 2008?’

Tim should be doing ‘Town Hall’ meetings (terrible word, but you get my drift). Random sightings at Apple genius bars every weekend. Talking to the customers at ground level. Shaking hands, talking about the products and the way they manage the globalness of it all. We miss Steve too…yada yada yada.

No wonder the stock is down $7 today. The people are voting and leaning on the stock. Sure, we worry about anyone managing that amount of cash because truth be told, no one has ever done well managing that amount of cash and the sheisters generally prevail.

Tim you have great hearing but you are not listening.

  • howardlindzon

    you and I know that. that could be the upside here

  • howardlindzon

    ha. thanks for that

    • greg1172

      is that twit thing at the top of my page your invention?

  • howardlindzon

    i am for sure worried. the rest he can handle fine and has proven that

  • howardlindzon

    apple stores are too big and possibly overemployed for the moment themselves.

    • greg1172

      i don’t know man i can NEVER get timely help at an apple store. you know most people in there are just doinking around like its a bloody coffee shop. the process for assistance is infuriating and considering they have some enormous revenue per square foot number, i think about $5k/month, they could stand to hire a few more folks to attend to serious consumers and not the adolescent browsers

  • howardlindzon

    the benster


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