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TraderMike and I are moving forward with WallStrip . Just a blank site now but I will be announcing the date of first show in a week or so.


Before the sweaty wisecracks start – let me say that there is 140 percent humuidity in Atlanta and I have been flying around the country for 2 days straight. Still – only a face for radio for sure :)

We are joined at WallStrip by my friends in Louisville – Andy and Landon Swan from MyTrade . Their soon to launch portal is very Web 4.48 for stock junkies.

Thanks to my partner and good friend Minic for thinking up the perfect name that will capture the energy of this network.

We have some fantastic bloggers and market entrepreneurs that have commited to this vision and will announce them when they let me. Sooner rather than later. Trust me :)

  • Adam Elend

    Been to ATL, and it’s not hot enough to excuse that mug. Blame it on TSA, I guess!


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