Yahoo…$YHOO Finance Content Partnership with Stocktwits – Market Pulse Pages

StockTwits is pleased to announce that we are a content partner with Yahoo! Finance and that our microblog messages will be featured prominently on the Market Pulse pages across the universe of US equites and ETF’s to be seen by millions of Yahoo Finance users across the globe.  Today, Yahoo! Finance launches a new and wonderful feature called Market Pulse that captures real time stock market conversations focused on specific tickers.

We are very excited that Yahoo Finance has chosen to use our API, which acknowledges the hard work we have done over the years curating ideas and people $YHOO Finance users can click on your Stocktwits name and avatar and will be linked right to your profile page, so take some pride :) .

Our pal Josh has my favorite explanation of the whole end results and possibilities.

The full experience of Stocktwits is still on our web site and desktop where you can see all the messages from Stocktwits and the messages we pull from Twitter with the proper tagging.

We earned this one with a great product, but it still took a few years of hustle, cajoling, begging, travelling etc…to push this partnership over the goal line.  Yahoo made us work hard for it.  Yahoo! Finance has done a beautiful job of laying out these pages which you can find by clicking on the Market Pulse link in the navigation column of Yahoo! Finance ticker pages.

This partnership creates an incredible opportunity for our community members to share their ideas and build a bigger audience for themselves.  There will be thousands of new voices contributing and sharing ideas and it will be fun watching the growth of our community accelerate further.

NOTE  – Be sure to send your messages over the StockTwits platform, because only those are being picked up by Market Pulse.  This includes The StockTwits website, the StockTwits Desktop ( and StockTwits mobile apps.

See you on the stream!


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