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YouTube – the blogosphere argument continues…

The only topic that matters is who buys them, when, and how much YouTube fetches (I believe well north of $1 billion).

The argument continues, but the YouTube bears are the loudest as usual. If YouTube was a stock, it would just be rising through this negativity. While we wait for the BIG transaction, the bloggers whine about price tags and theft while the media companies posture for position. Chad Hurley, co-founder, calmly executes the plan.

Some pretty good conversation on the web today in repsonse to Mark Cuban’s post on the subject of YouTube . Cuban blogged that “only a moron” would buy YouTube.

The most popular responses have come from The Lefsetz Letter and Fred Wilson .

The New York Times chimes in with a flashy headline and story.

You can catch it all on TechMeme, and Mathew Ingram from my hometown’s Globe and Mail has a great round-up piece, but I have my own twist.

Greed and Power will surface and all the silly valuation chatter will seem cheap compared to the final prices paid.

I am surprised that Steve Job’s has not fasttracked the whole evolution by buying YouTube. If he fears being sued by the media companies, buy Revver . An Apple -YouTube or Revver – and RIMM (combination) would really change the landscape of media once and for all.

That is the story and it’s when not if a great deal of hostile mergers and ego driven acquisitions take place.

All the rest is just chatter.

  • Dave

    Regarding RIMM and this topic, they are posting jobs for “streaming video” positions.

  • Howard Lindzon

    I wish I was a powerful investment banker, I sure dont know what the big guys are thinking. Rimm has run 100 points without even an offer and Apple will keep climbing while dell hewlett and the rest slowly become irrelevant.

    Haveyou started writing for BHUB

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