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Zuckerberg and the Dead ‘Fracker’ …. Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoins…and Momentum Monday

CNN has a new list to make you feel smaller than ever.

Turns out that Mark Zuckerberg is the biggest giver in the country. He beat out the dead FRACKER – Mr. George Mitchell!

I would really be impressed if Zuckerberg beats out the Fracker dude in organs donated.

More importantly in the world of money, Bitcoins now have a ‘wiki’ so bookmark it and stop asking stupid questions…if it has a wiki, it’s real.

Last but not least, all this stuff is what drives the world of stocks and markets and $FB is now a $150 billion company at all-time highs and we will always hate Frackers…especially the rich ‘alive’ ones.

Here is this week’s Momentum Monday which pulls everything together in a neat package. Facebook, Solar, Local Search ($YELP), Biotech, Software, Robots…the beat goes on.


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