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More 2024 and Beyond Predictions... The Value of Culture and Authenticity Will Skyrocket in The AI Age... AND I Can't Sleep

Good morning…

After 9/11 I remember my sleep patterns changed for good.

Max and Rachel were babies so my sleep was never going to be the same but 9/11 was not something I could not unsee and with it came the uncertainty of war. I remember the markets being closed for a week and not knowing what that would mean because a panic would surely ensue once the markets opened. I was managing other people’s money for a living. There was no social networks, no YouTube, no web 2.0, no iPhone. I took my first Ambien. I slept.

Since October 7th of this year my sleep has been a mess. Luckily my kids are not in harms way and just a few friends are in Gaza fighting, but a world I was very familiar with in my life and routine is changed and there is nothing I can do.

The technology in my life is not helping at all. Ambien works with falling asleep of course, but with the screens and keyboard that I do my work I can’t unsee the massacre or the hate.

I don’t read or pay for The New York Times or Washington Post or watch BBC but I live on online, I see the headlines shared and I get incensed.

A quick example…

The New York Times, finally does the simple legwork they are supposed to be doing of covering the rape and massacre in detail from October 7th. I am sure they spent weeks making sure they covered it ‘fairly and balanced’ a wasted time effort because in the end of course we see the sick perverted Hamas and Gazan civilians that everyone knows but still too many deny and support. The New York Times leaders know they are to run this news/story likely weeks in advance and just before running it they decide to lend their OP/ED pages to a known Hamas appointed Mayor and sympathizer to one side an opinion piece about the difficulties in Gaza. How twisted and sick (hint - VERY) is the leadership of The New York Times? Hint…VERY.

This is all day everyday for anyone with a smartphone or desktop computer.

If you don’t know, shame on you, but the thievery and murder by the Hamas and Palestinian leadership for decades - is in plain sight - and it is maddening…because Americans are the ones being grifted by all of this.

Adam Fisher lives in Israel and shared this today that best explains how too many of us feel:

Thanks for reading this far…so let me explain today’s prediction, courtesy of this excellent thread (click on the tweet in the box below to open and read Substack founder Hamish McKenzie:

For me this is good news because Chat GPT could not weave the thoughts above together for me this post. You may not like what I just pulled together as today’s newsletter, but it is all me. No AI. I am sure AI will eventually help me write ‘better’ and ‘more’, but I am not sure I want to write ‘more’ and I am not sure what ‘better’ means yet because I need to spend more time with all the tools and they are coming at me/us fast.

But, I have so many ideas for our portfolio companies as to how how AI as a tool to commoditize content creation will help them.

This trend is obvious.

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