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  • Anchored VWAP Strategies, Netflix Analysis, and Global Stock Surges: Insights with Brian Shannon

Anchored VWAP Strategies, Netflix Analysis, and Global Stock Surges: Insights with Brian Shannon

Trends with Friends EP. 65

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This week we're joined by Brian Shannon — founder of Alphatrends.net and author of the beginner's trading book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, and best-selling book Maximum Trading Gains with Anchored VWAP. We talk Netflix, Bitcoin, and the concept of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP). Specifically:

  • Netflix is trading near all-time highs and has the potential for further upside

  • Bitcoin has consolidated and is poised for a breakout to new all-time highs

  • The use of anchored VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) and its application in analyzing Bitcoin and crude oil

  • The concept of using multiple timeframes in technical analysis

  • The role of fundamentals versus price action in driving market movements

  • Why you should stay in your lane

Skip Ahead:

(00:00) Welcome banter
(03:20) Netflix nearing all-time highs
(07:20) The AI war: who’s benefiting? 
(09:30) Brian Shannon, Alpha Trends and Stocktwits
(14:45) Howard’s early calls
(17:08) Bitcoin weekly
(21:28) Pepe the Frog and ETH
(22:45) Understanding the anchored VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
(25:23) Anchored VWAP: Bitcoin
(30:00) Anchored VWAP: Crude Oil
(31:54) Anchored VWAP: Copper
(33:04) Fundamental Analysis vs. Price Action
(42:04) Anchored VWAP: SPY
(45:13) All Country World Index (ACWI) making all-time highs
(49:30) Contrarian take: ignoring the macro landscape 
(52:30) Understanding time horizons
(55:54) Staying in your lane
(58:35) DJIA reaching new all-time high 
(01:05:00) The global market
(01:07:44) 53 years of reasons to be bearish 
(01:11:04) Trends with NO Friends: Hidden opportunities

Big Thank You To Our Guest:

• Brian Shannon - https://x.com/alphatrends and Stocktwits 

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• Production and Marketing - https://penname.co/ 

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