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  • Panic with Friends - Talking Testosterone and Longevity with Hone Health Co-founder and CEO Saad Alam

Panic with Friends - Talking Testosterone and Longevity with Hone Health Co-founder and CEO Saad Alam

Panic with Friends – Investing for Profit and Joy

There’s a massive unspoken epidemic going on globally in men’s health right now – low T-scores; and practically no one is talking about it. Lots of ‘youts’ are running around on an empty tank and don’t even know it. It’s an interesting and important topic; and it's at the top of a lot of people’s minds, even if it’s a bit taboo to talk about. But it's something that matters to me, so I wanted to dive in deep and figure out what it all means. My guest today makes checking, monitoring, and boosting your t-score accessible and affordable. I’ve used the service myself, and as luck would have it, I'm also an indirect investor in Saad’s company. I’ve got a feeling this will be my most evergreen episode. Enjoy!

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Guest: Saad Alam

Profile: CEO and co-founder of Hone Health

Where to Find Him: Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

What is Saad Panicked About? Not being as funny as Howard.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction. (00:37)

  • Welcome Saad (06:14)

  • Misconceptions about testosterone (07:49)

  • Causes of low testosterone (09:51)

  • The stigma of low T (10:55)

  • Saad’s story (16:06)

  • Shelf-life of a medical degree (20:50)

  • Saad takes control of his health (22:44)

  • An unspoken global epidemic (24:38)

  • The Hone Health process (26:21)

  • The 2011/12 testosterone hype (29:06)

  • Howard’s t-score (37:45)

  • Free testosterone (39:36)

  • Leading longer lives (46:19)

  • There’s no silver bullet (48:30)

  • Wrapping it up. (53:08)

  • Closing thoughts. (53:24)


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