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The Annual Social Leverage Founder and LP Event This Weekend

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Good morning everyone…

Late start today.

I still have not found a daily rhythm to my writing since starting back as Stocktwits CEO but Imy goal is to get back to 6 am pst for sending.

This weekend is our annual Social Leverage LP event which is always a highlight of my year. We have been doing these since 2009 and the last few years back in Scottsdale. About 150 people attend each year.

Founders of our companies and LP’s are all invited to Scottsdale for the weekend to meet, network, strategize and spend some quality time. We will be cycling, playing our par 3 course at night, hiking and on Monday the 29th have presentations and some great fireside chats.

We invest seed checks, first checks into companies so at the event our LP’s are really seeing the companies and products for the first time and the reactions are rarely what we expect.

I still remember the 2014 presentation by Robinhood’s Vlad and Baiju and the almost universal ‘what about the business model’ …’this can’t work’ reaction from LP’s.

When Paul took the stage in 2018 to present Manscaped, many of our LP’s thought I was just inserting a prank pitch…until they saw the revenue numbers.

I’m excited to see which company gets the most and least love this weekend as always.

Have a great day.


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