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Best of Panic With Friends Podcast: Panic With ME (Howard)... The Stocktwits Story

Panic with Friends – Investing for Profit and Joy

Good morning.

On last week’s episode I discussed how I started and built Wallstrip. These episodes are me covering my own projects/stories as well as those of the the companies I’ve loved and the products I’ve used throughout Web 2.

In today’s re-run Knut and Riley join me as I’m back in the hot seat covering the lessons learned from building Stocktwits.

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You can also listen right here on the blog:

For more details on today’s conversation read on below…

Guest: Me!

Profile: Entrepreneur & Investor, GP at Social Leverage

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Show Notes:

  • Introduction (0:22)

  • Historic look at Web 2 (1:58)

  • Starting Stocktwits (3:25)

  • Why I didn’t wait (5:34)

  • Creating Bloomberg on Twitter (6:54)

  • Building the team (7:28)

  • Coming up with the name (8:03)

  • Raising money (9:24)

  • The first version (12:04)

  • Creating the branding (12:16)

  • The cap table (15:57)

  • The cash tag (18:16)

  • Building around twitter (25:08)

  • Building on our own (26:02)

  • Early Web 2 lessons (29:56)

  • Thoughts on AI (32:20)

  • Valuing deals (33:56)

  • Stocktwits culture (34:28)

  • Predicting the future (37:57)

  • Wrapping up (39:01)

  • Closing thoughts (42:58)


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