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The Bundling and Unbundling Is Not Just A Tech Phenomenon - Sports (Like Golf) Is Next

Track the performance of the S&P 500, but end up with more money from tax loss harvesting – for the same amount of effort and at a lower cost than robo-advisors. And the first three months are free. Seems too good to be true?

It’s called Frec Direct Indexing.

Social Leverage is an investor (Fund IV)

Short Game Chef at Grass Clippings HQ In Phoenix

Good morning…

In my world of media and technology, there is something that is always in play…the bundling and unbundling of things. Ben Thompson has covered this over the years.

I see this same concept playing out in the world of sports because of the abundance of media, technology, money and free time. My friend Roger Ehrenberg who I often invest with and now almost full time invests in the sports industry sees it the same. We spent some time with Corey Leff who runs John Wall Street (a sports, media and finance publication) to discuss the phenomenon and opportunities.

As we discuss in the piece, Social Leverage invested in Grass Clippings as the world of professional golf is in the process of being unbundled. The Grass Clippings team is at work putting all the pieces together (physical, social, digital, luxury, competitive, media friendly and ‘degen’) that aims to grow into this void/opportunity. The local legend and the 8-80 year old athlete athlete/local legend is an idea we believe in and will continue to invest.

Have a great day.

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