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  • Buying Gold, Our Trends With NO Friends Stock Pick, Magnificent 7 Update, And Long or Short Banks

Buying Gold, Our Trends With NO Friends Stock Pick, Magnificent 7 Update, And Long or Short Banks

Trends with Friends EP. 59

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The friends are back together and this week our very own Riley Rosebee joined in on the fun. Outside of Phil's questionable fashion choices and our love for pizza, we cover:

  • Trends With NO Friends: finding trends with few followers that are working

  • Avoiding broken trends with too many followers 

  • The importance of relative price strength

  • The underperformance of Apple and the outperformance of Google in the magnificent seven stocks

  • Why all-time highs are considered good and why they continue to go up

  • The role of math and storytelling in investing

  • The relationship between gold and different currencies

  • A heated debate on whether DJT is a pump and dump or meme coin

Skip Ahead:

00:00 Welcome Banter
03:30 $TGS Approaching ATH
08:30 Gamestop ($GME) Reaching All-time Lows
11:54 The Goal Of Trends With No Friends
16:37 Magnificent Seven: The Underperformance Of Apple
20:30 Magnificent Seven: The Outperformance Of Google
24:12 Why All-time Highs Are Considered Good
30:30  Gold's Performance In Different Currencies
33:50 Fake Internet Money Priced In Gold
37:00 Interest Rates And Commodities"
38:00 The 3 G’s: Gold, Goldman, And Google
40:06 Banks: Long Or Short?
42:43 Jamie Dimon’s Predictions
49:00 DJT: Pump And Dump Or Meme Coin? A Heated Debate
55:40 Addressing The Rising Rates Of Depression And Declining Happiness Levels

Big Thank You To Our Guest:

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