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Can't forget Apple – Oakley needs to go Private

What a horse this company has been. It is amazing to watch a company this size execute on so many levels – retail, product development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, PR, design, delivery, service……

The only brand I feel as passionate about is Oakley and you can see the difference in execution and what difference that makes in a stock price and your returns. Jim Jannard just does not care about his shareholders the way Jobs feels about his. How else can you explain the difference in execution. No company in the United States, except Apple can deliver such quality and design and innovation in a bland competitive market than Oakley. beatiful, beatiful design and product innovation.

He needs to go private and stop aggravating me as a shareholder.

He gets the whole melding of fashion and technology (second only to Apple) but because he is so non – mainstream, can’t deliver the goods (stock price appreciation). Believe me, nobody in my lifetime will buy Microsoft or Motorola sunglasses, but they will by Oakley or Nike sunglasses powered by Motorola. Nike is one option to take them out of their public misery, but Jannard would reject that premium as well.

The MP3 sunglasses and Bluetooth sunglass offerings are a marvell – fashion and technology to the MAX. They are more functional for me that the ipod. I am a beliver and consider myself, confidence regained from catching the apple wave, a smart early trend spotter.

Jim, you have to brighten up the stores and stop locking up those products behind displays if you want to be a public company. Otherwise, stop frustrating me by making me own the Company and treating it like your pet fun project!!

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