Channeling Larry David

I Would Rather Be a 'Tit' Than A 'Tat'

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Good morning…

Happy Valentines to my beautiful wife Ellen and sweet daughter Rachel and all the lovely lady readers here.

Who more sexy to talk about on Valentines day than Larry David. I’m always trying to channel Larry David to keep people on their toes.

One Larry David move my chief of Staff Ethan has seen me do on calls is the ‘reverse pitch/fliperoo’. In Curb, there was an episode dedicated to the ‘foist’ (season 9, episode 1) which was hilarious. I have done this too.

I go into reverse pitch mode when I am getting a pitch that tries too hard to sell me something. I generally take over the call to sell something I own or a Company we backed.

Trung Phan’s excellent newsletter last week was dedicated to larry david and 8 Lessons About Creativity and Work.

Larry is doing the circuit to promote his new season and he came to Conan O’Brien which was such a fun listen for me. The whole thing is on Spotify, but a clip from YouTube below:

I would rather be a ‘Tit’ than a ‘Tat’ was so Larry David.

Have a great day.


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