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Chart Art...A New Daily Email From Stocktwits

Good morning everyone.

I am having such a great time working with team Stocktwits on strategy and growth as we triple down on earnings features and product (expect some incredible updates by day of Nvidia’s next earnings announcement at the end of May) and the crypto/blockchain markets.

We are also working on longer form media that takes advantage of all the ideas and chatter happening on the streams. Next week the full ‘Trends With Friends’ media site will launch and this week we launched a great daily newsletter called ‘Chart Art’. You can sign up for it here.

Tens of thousands of charts with ideas are shared each day on Stocktwits.

We are now boiling down the stream of charts shared each day to display 5-10 of the best charts that show our community/readers what is working, what is not working and hopefully offer a picture of what might be happening next.

We could argue forever if ‘technical analysis’ works.

For me, I cannot live without charts. It is how I speed up my work.

Price matters most to me, but charts come next.

Right now, it seems very few people are seeing that a company that we hate ‘Wells Fargo’ is going up (a lot of financials are working) and a company people cultishly love - Tesla - is being decimated (yesterday’s newsletter). The money is not coming out of markets it is rotating. It is not my job or Stocktwits job tell you what will happen next nor will the charts do this on their own, but if we can speed up everyone’s feel for the markets and ability to know what is happening now and in the past, we all might get better at positioning for the future.

I like to own companies that are growing fast and have clear catalysts that I can explain quickly and clearly. The daily study of price and charts allows me to get a picture quickly of what sectors and stocks to be looking at. From there I can apply further analysis of why this all may be happening and what might happen next. The rest is position sizing and risk management and each of us has different risk profiles.

What will happen next is- in my opinion - a lot of art. I have never liked the term analyst and I think the term ‘technical analyst’ is awful. What terrible marketing for an industry full of very smart people.

I think people that are great at reading price, volume, sentiment and fundamentals are more artists than scientists and so I pushed the team to call this email ‘Chart Art’.

I am confident you will enjoy reading it.


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