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Congrats To The Optimists...Nothing Like Price To Change Sentiment And The Greatest Wall Of Worry In History

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Good afternoon everyone. A rare afternoon post, but I was buried this morning.

I was going to take the day off but had a fantastic run on Coronado Beach with Ellen (second day in a row) and wanted to share some thoughts.

Yesterday the markets did something few expected for 2023, not me at least, and hit all-time highs (at least the Dow).

Expect to see much more positive investing headlines (at least short term) because as I have written here 100 times over the years…there is nothing like price to change sentiment!

As I have been writing about all year, the rich man, poor man degenerate man economy is something wild and enormous.

The Degenerate Economy Index ETF I created is up over 100 percent year to date and that was with Robinhood drag on the ETF (I dropped it, but will likely add it back this month)

$LULU and $AAPL are at all-time highs - fashion and technology which I call fashology on this blog the last 10 years and coined in 2013 is still leading and growing (I do not own $LULU anymore because I suck - here all all my posts on subject). Even I have way underestimated the potential of $LULU. Everything Peloton missed on its roundtrip from $2 billion to $50 billion has more than been offset by Alo and Vuori and a new fave of mine ASRV (I am wearing their gear right now and we carry it on DSTNC.com ).

The ‘Longevity Trend Is JUST BEGINNING. That includes biotech.

The Defense Spending will be obscene..

The Space stuff is over my pay grade but we know billionaires have egos and will spend spend spend.

The other thing billionaires will spend on is Sports (leagues, betting, data, new sports, media) and that’s been a favorite investing trend of ours at Social Leverage the last few years.

This is all happening while the world is shrinking in multiples and size to investors and entrepreneurs that got their start in a Web 2 world.

This is all happening in a world that is drowning in media that portrays the world that has already ended.

There is MUCH to be upset and disgusted about in our world of borders and evildoers and money and politics as the markets hit all-time highs.

The markets just don’t care how you and I feel.

So, congrats to the optimists.


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