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Dead and Pitied Or Alive With A Bad Image? We Choose Alive...And Yemen Declares War

Good morning…

First up…f@*k Yemen - a new war declarer against Israel.

Second…f@*k Hamas! Here is a Hamas leader explaining how they kill their own people and use them as shields:

As for some the pathetic United Nations your friends might be asking you about (and yes follow Shaun who is standing up against this media bias):

Next…whatever you are reading about this next stage of Isarel’s war to stop Hammas, I think this Mossad satire/parody account sums it up best from an Israeli point of view:

A lot of young people in their 20’s and 30’s, mostly Jewish, have been reaching out to me regarding how they are feeling about Israel’s response to the October 7 terrorist massacre. I tell them some thing the do not want to hear… to remove all the ‘social apps’ from their phones and curtail any ‘doom scrolling’ to 30 minutes a day from a desktop. They must take that 30 mins to learn from some elders and rejigger their algos. While they are not having to battle with guns right now, they are on the front lines of some sick digital war. We the elders actually need their help by unplugging. Yes yoots…we need YOUR help here.

As I have mentioned, I removed the Twitter mobile app and use the Twitter desktop and only follow a few people I trust that I know read everything on all sides of the disgusting media blitz. Also, just because I cuss and swear at trolls and idiots before I block them does not mean anyone else should.

One anti-Israel media bias feed I am following that may help is ‘Honest Reporting’ which also has a newsletter. A quick history lesson might help :

The awful anti Israel/anti semitic platform/troll/bot/media bias is terrible on Twitter, but mostly on Tik Tok and Instagram.

At this point Tik Tok is just a weapon of Hamas/China/Russia/Iran take your pick.

Jeff Morris explained a simple reverse engineering he performed on the Tik Tok algo and the hashtag data in this Twitter thread below. Please share this with your kids and friends…

That is all for today.

Thinking of the hostages.

PS - Re Yemen and Hamas and anti-Israel media bias and hate …follow Alex Hearn


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