I Am A Degenerate Luxurian...

I Like Quiet Luxury As Well

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Good morning…

Our portfolio company DSTNC has a select sale of 20 percent on some great cold weather cycling and running/training gear. Use code SALE20. I love the ASRV workout gear and Biehler cycling gear.

I am in Coronado this week and as always it is fantastic.

Ellen has done a spectacular job redesigning our home and we are 99 percent complete.

I am my most productive self at my desk in the office upstairs in our home here. Here is a view from my desk yesterday. The beach is behind me which I can hear and we have a kind of treehouse view from the front. The whole upstairs is my office (empty nest baby) as we have the ‘great room’ you can see where I have meetings or just sit to think, read and write. We have two great front porches (upstairs and downstairs) - hence my Twitter handle…

On my screen you can see the picture that has me fascinated right now. Both The Ritz and The Four Seasons have launched Yachts. The Four Seasons calls it ‘The Golden Era of Yachting’. What a time to be alive with some ZIRP winnings. No joke, But Howie is dragging Ellen along on one of these trips pronto.

I think these are genius expansions of the brands. I have never done a cruise but can’t imagine not trying out the Yacht vacation.

I have never worn or liked ‘loud luxury’ like LVMH (though I love the company and the business), but I love investing in the business of luxury - mostly ‘quiet luxury’. I did not know the term until recently to be honest. Our investments in Watchbox, DSTNC, Grass Clippings and FREC, are all quiet luxury products and companies. I made a personal investment in a later stage start-up Dorsia which is a genius quiet luxury product as well.

The other day, my friend Sam Wholley (Lightspeed Ventures) reached out to me after a blog post about our upcoming Tuscany guys adventure bike trip and called our group ‘degenerate luxurians’. I laughed but now cannot get it out of my head.

I love the thought that I am a degenerate luxurian and if Sam and I are, I know there are millions of others.

I am looking forward to our first investment in that category.

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